Frequently Asked Questions


Our customer service staff is available to help with placing orders and any other questions your may have with our updated website Monday - Friday 9am-5:30pm EST at 859.873.0877 and at info@wallstreetgreetings.com 

These FAQs should help you navigate our new website.



I want to use a previous order’s personalization set-up. How do I save and access personalization set-ups?

Our website does not currently save your personalization set-ups for later access, however internally we have all of your print set-ups on file and saved for future use.

To print exactly the same as a previous order please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to our site and select the card that you would like to order.

Step 2: To the right of the card you will see 3 tabs (Front, Inside, Envelope). Click the Inside tab. When you click this tab, 6 layout options will appear.

Step 3: Select layout 2 "Use Previous Personalization" then enter your order number and order date in the text boxes below. 

            You will repeat this Step 3 on the Envelope tab if you have envelope personalization. 

Step 4: Add the quantity you would like to your cart and proceed to checkout.

            If you are ordering multiple cards, you will complete the previous steps on each card. 

If you have questions or want to confirm the set-up over the phone, our Customer Care Experts are glad to assist. Please call 859.873.0877 Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm EST.


How do I use the personalization tool?

Our tool allows you to personalize your card(s) in real time. You can see your personalization faster and with a more intuitive customer experience.

Select the appropriate green tab for what you would like to personalize - Front, Inside and/or Envelope. Choose which template you would like to personalize and fill in the text boxes and/or image upload. Customize your text by color, font and size. Add any additional comments into the Special Instructions text box located on each product page.


I'm adding signatures to my order. How do I get them to you?

Step 1: Select one of our personalization templates with the Image Upload option and upload your signatures to your card OR email a high resolution .jpeg or .pdf image of your handwritten signatures to info@wallstreetgreetings.com and reference your order number in the subject line. Either way, we will digitally enhance your signatures for your cards.

Step 2: Add a Signature Proof for $25 in the shopping cart.


I want to create my own personalization set-up. Where can I do that?

You can format your own set-up in our Image Upload template. You can work in a Word document and save as a .pdf (preferred) or .jpg file. If you would like to request additional fonts, colors, characters or other personalization choices, please indicate in the Special Instructions text field on the product page. An associate will contact you after your order is placed. 


I want the same personalization on multiple cards. Can I save my personalization?

No, you cannot save your personalization. If you want to apply your personalization to multiple cards, design the personalization you want on one card. For the other cards, select any of the templates that applies the $0.20 personalization fee then put “use same set-up on all cards” in the Special Instructions box on the product page. 


How do I apply my Corporate Partner Discount?

Your Corporate Partner Discount is now referred to as an Everyday Discount and is applied sitewide. The 40% discount is marked on each product page where applicable and is applied without further action during the check-out process.


How many days to process my order?

It takes 3-5 business days to process an order. Orders with proofs will be put on hold until the proof has been approved. All proofs will be charged at the end of the month.


What size are the cards?

Our greeting cards are 5x7 inches and include corresponding envelopes. Our stationery products vary in standard sizes.


Can I rush an order?

Yes, you can add a $100 Rush Fee in your cart to have your order processed in 1 business day.


What font type do you recommend?

Our templates have been built with designer recommended set-ups in mind. You can choose these set-ups by choosing from the drop down options.


Can I create my own card design?

At this time you cannot create your own card design. We are happy to offer custom card options. You can choose from 3 different paper types and will work with our graphic artists to set up your design. A $15 proof charge is required with any custom orders to ensure that everything  is to your liking.


Can I create my own verse?

 You are able to create a custom verse on the majority of our cards. You are able to select this option with any Premium/Luxury Matte card or inquire about this service with our other products. A $15 proof charge is required with any custom verses to ensure that your setup is to your liking. You are able to call (859)-873-0877 or email info@wallstreetgreetings.com) to speak with a customer care representative about your request.


How does my return address look with recipient addressing or fulfillment services?

The return address is printed on the front, top left corner of the envelopes, see image below for an example.