​Acknowledging Birthdays

Posted by Mary Ellen, President on 29th Jun 2023

Everyone has a birthday.

While not a profound statement, this can have a profound impact on your business.

Think about it like we do; while we know birthdays are common everyday occurrences, when that special day arrives each year it is guaranteed importance for the one celebrating. When it’s your birthday, it matters.

As a child you relished the opportunity to eat pizza, cake and sugary drinks while goofing off with your best pals. 

As a teenager the anticipation of getting that sought-after gift makes the day so bright. 

And, then into adulthood, it might be the pleasure of stepping out of routine that makes the day special. Whatever it is, one of the best thrills of the day is the acknowledgement that the day is about you and you are important.

What a great opportunity to further business relationships and show that you care. 

Most everyone is in a good mood on their birthday and happy to hear from those that care about them. By sending a greeting card with a handwritten note, you show that you’re among the group of those who care. Everyone enjoys having their life celebrated. The gesture will further your business relationship.