Can you say 'Thank you' enough?

Posted by Mary Ellen, President on 30th Jun 2023

I regularly frequent a Starbucks drive through. Many of us do (especially now that PSL season has arrived). As I exit I pass by a sturdy, metal small sign built just to the side of the structure, that simply reads “thank you” in bold white text.

The first time I noticed this sign I was struck by the extravagance of mounting a sign that is there just to express gratitude. I thought, of course Starbucks would, they think of everything and spare no expense.

As I continued to pass and take notice of the sign, it really spoke to me. Can you say thank you enough? Although it can’t always be quantitatively measured what is the value of making an extra effort to show appreciation? Especially in business I think this is what sets apart a fantastic (successful) relationship from a normal relationship.

As you consider ordering holiday cards this year for your business, keep this concept in mind. While it is a budget item and you could always just send an email, what extra value are you putting on client, prospect and partner relationships by sending a hand-written note? There really is no limit on the number of times clients need to hear “thank you for your business.” Holiday cards offer the perfect setting to joyfully, and sincerely express your appreciation.