Order holiday cards this summer

Posted by Mary Ellen Harden on 13th Jul 2023

Christmas in July promotions are popping up left and right this month and while locking in your Amazon Prime Day orders might be top of mind, there is reason to also order holiday cards.

Almost 6 months before December 25th, the corporate greeting card industry is launching their 2023 holiday collections, which is beneficial to buyers. When you shop holiday cards this summer you are making the best decision for your brand.

First, you have access to the most inventory. Previous year's designs are still available (and often discounted) and new designs are released. Inventory is fully stocked so you do not have to anticipate out of stock setbacks. The website is featuring the most inventory of the year, so your team can scroll page after page in search of the perfect card.

Ordering during the summer often provides the best prices. Bulk orders with discounted pricing might put you under budget if you order early, or allow you to purchase higher-end, more expensive luxury cards on sale. “We offer our lowest prices of the year during our Christmas in July sale,” says Helen Voss, marketing manager. “We clear the shelves and identify the best-selling designs in anticipation of the holiday season that traditionally starts right after Labor Day.”

Your business deserves the best, and ordering early allows production teams to give full attention to your card order. You have time to request an electronic proof and adjust as needed. The pressure of getting your cards in time is removed and the ordering experience can move along smoothly. For companies that order cards in bulk as a group purchase, making decisions early gives the team plenty of time to get the order right.

If you are ready to place a holiday card order, reach out to a customer care representative at Wall Street Greetings this week. Our dedicated support team is available 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST and can be reached by phone, 859-873-0877 or email, info@wallstreetgreetings.com.