Reinforce Your New Year's Resolution

30th Jun 2023

It’s last day of January 2023. How many of us returned to the office January 2nd to scribble notes and type lists reviewing the successes and lessons of 2022 and make plans for the coming year?

Most likely in those lists are tactics to cultivate better relationships with clients to build business. Probably, a list of new habits follows with dates and target numbers to hit goals. Then, strategy on how to enforce those habits year-round.

Sending cards is one of the most probable success factors and easy to incorporate strategies to build your business. It will likely take less than 20 minutes to place an order, personalized and branded for your company. The cards arrive within a few days and your 2023 card campaign is underway.

Birthday cards are a great way to reach out through the year in an unexpected, but memorable way. Everyone appreciates receiving a birthday card and will often follow-up with you with a thanks for remembering their special day.

It's not too late to start the year by reaching out with a note card asking for time to meet to review accounts, portfolios and new business. A personal card with this ask will be more noticeable and generate a better response than an email or call that can be easily overlooked.

A variety pack of celebratory, note and sympathy card designs is a useful desk accessory. It will easily become habit to mail a short handwritten note to clients and prospects. 

Sending cards shows that you care and offers an opportunity to connect. Making it habit to send cards to clients and prospects can be transformational to your business.